Four Great Lessons of 2008
We’re always learning and that is the joy of it!

The Earth’s imagination teaches us that something new emerges as something older gives way. 2008 was a transformation and transition year for many, including the Vigil. Some of the transformational lessons of the 2008 Vigil are:

1. Spontaneity and trust bring forth grace. Planning isn’t a fixed thing—every voice doesn’t have to be       sought out; the voices that belong find their way. We were graced with the surprise presence of many       offerings. Among them:

    Two of the Thirteen Grandmothers: Tibetan Grandmother Tsering and Mayan Flordemayo who offered their prayers and blessings. The Thirteen Grandmothers travel the world providing wisdom and ceremonies about caring for the Earth.

Titetan Grandmother Tsering Dolma Gyaltong
Sacred Fire
Mayan Grandmother Flordymayo
Sacred Fire

Eli Painted Crow, who organized a four day drumming event - Turtle Women Rising - the previous weekend with a very sacred peace drum, and her elder invited the Prayer Vigil community to play and sing with the drum. Eli, an Iraq veteran, provided a powerful talk on behalf of world peace and the horrors of war.

Eli Painted Cow   Peace Drum
Eli Painted Crow
Peace Drum

Two young men, working on behalf of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals, brought a short program on the goals and invited those who wished to sign a support declaration.


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